Julien Adler Joins Arc Advisory Board

As ARC pushes forward on its mission to become the central command console for crypto, we are proud to be constantly expanding both our core team as well as our strategic advisory board.

We’re proud to announce the addition of Julien Adler to our board of advisors.

Julien has worked with organizations ranging from NASA, through to coaching executive leadership at Stanford University, Visa, Google, Apple and Goldman Sachs.

Each of our advisors bolsters our company in unique ways.

Some of them are focused on technology ownership or innovation, others advise on financial controls, scaling businesses to mature states or are experts in cryptocurrencies and tokenomics.

As ARC evolves, the demands of our business increase the pressure of the team to perform.

Julien Adler’s effect is felt to the deepest core of ARC.

He actively coaches the executive team in a range of disciplines, with a special focus on structure, negotiations, strategy, financial structuring, corporate governance, fundraising and technological and I.P. ownership.

Julien is also an avid cryptocurrency investor and a longtime tech, healthtech and cannabis investor as well as an accomplished entrepreneur and a senior software veteran.

We will be announcing an AMA with Julien in short order.

Meanwhile, enjoy more information on Julien Adler here:

Yours truly,

The Arc Team



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