ARC APES NFTs have landed. Available immediately at

Introducing ARC Apes! ARC is proud to present our community flagship NFT Collection and benefits for $ARC stakers.

Created by up-and-coming artist Juiceddd in collaboration with ARC, there are 111 limited edition Apes live on ARC’s proprietary NFT Marketplace now!


Today marks the release of ARC’s community-centric NFT collection, The ARC Apes. With a supply of only 111, these Apes boast a fun combination of utility & rewards.

For starters, all profit generated from the collection will go into single-sided $ARC staking in the Arc.Market Farms. As such, the most loyal $ARC holders will be rewarded with sustained growth. Moreover, buying and holding an ARC Ape will enter you into a prize pool, which gives you the chance to win exclusive ARC Merchandise, $ARC token rewards & more. Finally, you will also get a private look at ARC’s most exciting incoming product, Reactor.

The ARC Apes are designed by 22-year-old artist Juiceddd, a trailblazing figure in the NFT Space. Residing on the East Coast of the USA, Reed (aka Juiceddd) has been pursuing art since the age of 11, and became involved in the world of Web3 around two years ago. Beginning with a mixture of painting and sketching, Reed naturally gravitated towards digital arts, culminating in a complete focus on graphic design.

Juiceddd said the following: “When it comes to web3 I’m here to stay, as I fully believe in the ethos and use case of blockchain technology. I’ll always be here to build and deliver a quality product. Every single time. That’s why working with ARC felt right, I can’t put into words how excited I am for everything, and a massive thank you to everyone at ARC for believing in me and all of this, it means the world.”

111 ARC APE NFTs are available, offering special incentives for $ARC stakers

ARC’s Head of BD, Jasper Wigley, commented: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Juiceddd to bring the ARC Apes to our steadfast community. Naturally, the quality of Juiceddd’s work speaks for itself, and we are delighted to be giving him a platform to continue to shine. We will persist in working round the clock to deliver value to all $ARC holders, and to take ARC to the upper echelons of Web3 projects.”



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