Arc Team Update — Jasper Wigley promoted to Head of Business Development and Sales!

Arc Team Update: Jasper Wigley promoted to Head of Business Development and Sales

1 min readAug 15, 2022


The ARC team would like to extend a heart-filled congratulations to Jasper Wigley who has been promoted to Head of Business Development and Sales.

In the past months, as ARC fast evolves its outlook to be the central command console for crypto, Jasper has stepped up his efforts to deliver significant progress in business development and sales across all the company products.

TJ Dunham, ARC CEO shares: “Beyond Jasper’s exemplary commitment to his own personal performance, he has shown an immense aptitude for both assembling and managing a team of associates in both sales and community management.”

Jasper’s roles and responsibilities include:

  • Creating a holistic sales approach and structure for others to follow
  • Managing and inspiring the sales associates
  • Constantly reaching out and pitching to new potential partners and clients
  • Ensuring customer success, by synergistically mobilizing different departments towards achieving customer goals
  • Onboarding incoming partner and sales leads, as well as maintaining important partner relationships
  • Suggesting innovations that can improve client success
  • Being an upstanding representative of ARC in social media, online communities and in the blockchain ecosystem

Looking to partner with ARC today? Learn more about Jasper and contact him by clicking here.




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