ARC Reactor ports GMX codebase ($GMX), the decentralized perpetual exchange, to the Fantom Network ($FTM)

ARC Reactor continues to push forward with exciting new developments and integrations, including expanding its ability to ship EVM-based code cross-chain effortlessly.

In recent weeks, our head of business development Jasper Wigley, connected with the Fantom Foundation to discuss potential partnerships and collaboration.

The proposal was intriguing: What if WEB3 development could be managed and collaborated on via a graphic user interface and a studio that could effortlessly ship products cross-chain?

The response was a challenge from the Fantom team:

Enable Reactor to code on FTM, and show us that you can ship GMX, one of the most complex projects in crypto, over to the FTM Network.

The response from the ARC team was quick and straightforward: Challenge accepted.

Today we’re proud to announce that ARC Reactor, WEB3’s collaborative visual developer studio, is fully integrated into Fantom ($FTM). Teams can now:

  1. Instantly visualize their code, or other code bases, via the ARC Reactor as a series of functional diagrams. With over 100 functions built in, they can manage and create whatever they want.
  2. Collaborate around code as a team using a visual interface.
  3. Audit code — ARC Reactor automatically shows developers where there are broken dependencies, errors, and exploits.
  4. Change smart contract functionality.
  5. Redeploy any functionality cross-chain to FTM or any other EVM.

When discussing with Henry Syahputra, ARC’s CTO and technical co-founder, as to why this was such a challenging choice of project, Henry shared that several factors make cloning GMX to Fantom such a difficult feat:

— GMX requires one to pull the code from AVAX (Snowtrace)

— GMX uses a lot of external contract dependencies, i.e., $USDG

— There are myriad parameters to copy 1:1 to make a forked $GMX fully functional

— GMX uses $USDG. Fantom does not already have this piece of the puzzle, so we have to deploy our own stable version on FTM


Reactor changed the difficulty of this task substantially, primarily because of the ability to see all the smart contracts expressed via a composable diagram with full functionality to edit the underlying code of that diagram.

With the existing collaboration, and more so with its upcoming upgrades, teams can work together to develop these kinds of solutions quickly and safely at a fraction of the time and cost… and with fewer chances for exploits or errors in code that can result in enormous financial losses. In this case, it took under an hour.

The ARC Team is proud to announce today that ARC Reactor is fully functional and integrated with Fantom and to present a demo of ARC Reactor’s collaborative GUI porting GMX over to Fantom in less than an hour.

Best of all, we’ve provided you with a step-by-step tutorial to do it yourself.

Hello, Limitless.

To arrange a demo of ARC Reactor and become a partner, please get in touch with us at

Step-by-step video tutorial instructs developers how to use ARC Reactor, Web3’s collaborative visual developer studio, to port GMX over to the Fantom Network.



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