ARC Reactor Documents and Tutorial Portal Launched

As we constantly push forward on the ARC Reactor, we have some exciting developments to share and a few insights.

What is Reactor:

Here’s a handy video to get you started:

What is the ARC Reactor? A GUI to code, and unlock limitless potential.

Where we are at:

  1. Documents portal for Reactor launched
  2. Reactor fully functional, in V1.2
  3. In discussion with partners, ecosystem chains / labs
  4. In the process of fleshing out the Reactor monetization model. Some alpha below
  5. Reactor roadmap solidifying

Today we launched the ARC Reactor documents and tutorial portal.

You can find this at:

Here you will find the following:

  1. Introduction to Reactor
  2. Basic principles
  3. An introduction to the UI, methodology
  4. More in-depth information
  5. A 8-step tutorial on how to ingest code, audit it, modify, build, test and ship cross-chain (in this example we ingest the famous PancakeSwap on Binance BNB chain, and ship it to Polygon Network. This is complete with step-by-step instructions as well as videos

We hope that you enjoy a deeper dive into the functionality and limitless possibilities this technology represents.

Reactor fully functional, in V1.2

Reactor continues to evolve into V1.2, which includes some exciting features and bug fixes. Some features include:

  1. RCE-exception proof
  2. Auto code audit — broken dependencies and potential red flags highlighted
  3. UX/ UI improvements
  4. Logic tree improvements

In discussion with partners, ecosystem chains / labs

  1. The excitement on the market’s business development side is palatable. We’re really focused on getting in touch or strengthening our relationships with ecosystem funds and labs. On the other hand, we are getting approached daily by developers and projects dying to take the Reactor for a spin.

Please contact to arrange a demo or apply to partner with us.

In the process of fleshing out the Reactor monetization model. Some alpha below.

As we study the market and speak with more potential partners, our business model for the ARC Reactor is becoming clearer.

  1. Staking fee will be in $ARC. This is one of the core uses of the $ARC token, and more-so will be used as an incentive to prevent bad actors. The more developers signed to use the system, the more $ARC must be locked up. Bad actors will be subject to slashing rules. These kind of steps help us ensure that such a powerful tool is not used towards nefarious ends and intent.
  2. Monthly SaaS model fees (Stablecoin/ Credit Card) . The more engineers and the more support a client is looking for, the bigger the package they need to purchase. Of course, there will be a discount for paying a year in advance.
  3. Push fees. Naturally there are push fees. These will be charged in $ETH.

It’s our view that this will present a balanced approach that respects the use of the $ARC token, an ability to build a thriving business with repeatable, predictable and projectable revenue that benefits our $ARC stakers.

Reactor Roadmap Thoughts

Creating a roadmap for a product like this is by no means a simple task.

Our team has some amazing concepts we hash out every week, that will see us well into 3–5 years from now…

The potential pitfalls of such unbridled innovation and ideation, is to release too much product too soon.

This leads to the real question: WHY?

Products that stand the test of time are steeped in excellence. Excellence of customer support, consistent release schedules that fit and create business demand.

With a product like ARC Reactor, we have the unusual circumstance that this is not a better mousetrap. Reactor represents a fundamental shift from how code has been audited, created, managed and shipped. We often think of it as “Invision for Coding”.

Where Invision excels at allowing users to create clickable wireframes and collaborate around these and the creative, Reactor is that for actual software engineering.

So this leads to a paradigm shift in thinking about how code is perceived and handled.

It’s incumbent upon the ARC team to not only ship code, but to own it impeccably.

What does this mean?

  1. Excellence in customer support
  2. Choosing what we develop first and test it thoroughly
  3. See how the market reacts to the releases, and respond thoughtfully
  5. Make data-based decisions… not opinions, guesses and hunches

As we think about all this, we understand that this takes time, and creates the bedrock of how we will support our customers and build a business.

Wen roadmap? SOON.

As we often like to remind people: “Quicker than you think, and not as fast as you’d like”

In Summary

We would like to thank each and every person who has helped us get here, and been patient every step of the way as we tread turbulent shores and set sails for the horizon where a fantastic future unfolds. Thanks for being on the ARC with us. Side by side. At the oars. Here’s to the high tides and the cheer of what’s to come.

Yours in service,

The ARC Team.

For more information or apply to use Reactor please contact

Follow us on Twitter at



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