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After the announcement of the ARC Reactor, we’ve had our heads down, taking the time to plan our next steps carefully.

We will be consistently delivering products & updates as a team, with this article breaking down each chapter. Before we discuss what’s coming next for ARC, let’s bring you up to speed.

What is the ARC Reactor?

The ARC Reactor is a collaborative and visual Web3 developer studio. The ARC Reactor represents a paradigm shift in how individuals, teams, and enterprises collaborate, code, and deploy Web3 products.

Currently, the ARC Reactor can:

  • Upload and map Web3 code in a matter of seconds
  • Generate and audit functional visual smart contract diagrams
  • Detect exploits and bugs
  • Deploy any existing EVM chain code or repository to any other EVM chain
  • Has over 100 functions built-in, ready out-out-of-the-box

Today we’re sharing an updated roadmap outlining the methodical expansion of ARC Reactor’s scope, and iterating to its full potential. This will boast a host of exciting features, such as A.I. live coding suggestions, A.I.-driven exploits and dependency break detection systems, and extensive GUI live collaboration features.

What’s the vision? Simple: In the next few years, trillions of dollars are going to flow into WEB3. There are two huge problems Reactor addresses:


A mistake in code can cost billions of dollars. Just yesterday an exploit cost a protocol and its investors $15MM. Recently Wintermute lost over $160MM.

This is an untenable situation.

Reactor not only automatically detects breaks in code due to network and project updates, it also picks up malicious functions that could be lurking in the weeds. These are displayed visually and are easy to both interpret and remedy.


The hidden costs of talent in WEB3 are gargantuan. One needs to find, acquire, onboard and retain that talent. With the increase in demand in the industry (and we’re just witnessing the tip of the iceberg), the demand on that talent means increased costs of acquisition and onboarding to codebases is notoriously complex and time-consuming. Speeding this up, means things WILL break. Those breaks… lead to exploits and other issues which can cost millions of dollars out of the gate.

With Reactor, the entire process is visual and collaborative.

Teams work together around a visual experience which is much easier to manage and create code around. Best of all? Reactor’s A.I. detection systems help them visually see and interact with the code breaks or errors.

Reactor is a gateway for small startups to massive organizations with hundreds of coders to collaborate and usher in WEB2 to WEB3, securing the financial future as never before.

We’re extremely excited about what Reactor means for ARC, our investors, and the whole Web3 landscape as well as gargantuan organizations like JPM, BlackRock, and more who are about to move unfathomable amounts of finance into WEB3.

As many of you know, we have a suite of existing DeFi products (Crypto’s Command Console), and many of our supporters care deeply about what’s happening to these products. We will outline the plan below.

What’s happening with the Crypto Command Console?

We’ve separated out the Crypto Command Console roadmap from the Reactor roadmap. This should create greater clarity as we give each of these the focus they deserve.

  1. The ARC Reactor will be our primary focus for the rest of Q4 2022 and onwards.
  2. The Crypto Command Console remains a significant facet of our long-term vision! We have many exciting updates planned.

We will continue maintaining the Crypto Command Console through routine bug fixes and support. If you’ve found ARC through our DeFi product suites, we strongly encourage you to look into our work on the ARC Reactor. Reactor is a proprietary technology that will facilitate development with an efficiency previously unseen in Web3.

These features will also stand as a sterling example of what can be accomplished with the ARC Reactor.



Q4 2022

For the remainder of 2022, we’re focusing on upgrading our compiler APIs as we finalize and release our anticipated Whitepaper 2.0.

Critically we are also releasing the integrated Reactor staking and SaaS business models.

Avalanche fan? Good news: We’re also wrapping up our AVAX Snowtrace assimilation. This integration will enable developers to import source code directly from Avalanche C-Chain. We will also be publishing a variety of other project integrations and partnerships.

Q1 2023

Moving into 2023, we’ll be focusing on extensive backend updates. We’ll be expanding our APIs and database to support more chains and prepare our codebase for the coming additions of an in-house AI assistant and collaborative features.

By the end of Q1 2023, we’re planning to complete the UI API upgrades on the Reactor Compiler. Once these thorough backend updates are complete, we will get started on further groundbreaking developments in Q2.

The UI API upgrades are a critical component of being able to scale our efforts. These APIs allow us to keep the Reactor core code unexposed, and for back-end and front-end developers to ship new exciting modules and updates to the product.

Q2 2023

This quarter, we will progress with multiple integrations across significant platforms including Oracle and Solana. We will also focus on rolling out other core partnerships planned, with more details on these coming nearer to the announcement dates.

Arguably even more exciting, this will be the first implementation of our team interface. This will allow developers to share a live Web3 IDE (Integrated Developer Environment), and collaborate with fellow developers on Web3 projects.

Q3 2023

Progressing into Q3, we will focus on creating custom contract templates and blueprints that can be used to get standard projects started most efficiently.

At the same time, we’ll be working hard to complete the first version of our error detection and alerts AI, and further expand our list of supported EVMs. Details regarding which chains & functionality will be integrated will be announced closer to the time.

Q4 2023

Wrapping up 2023, we will release a Marketplace for Reactor libraries and 1-click-integrations for our ever-growing list of partners. While continuing to build up Reactor's core EVM focus, parallel work will commence investigating Web2 use cases.

Q1 2024

We’ll start 2024 by deploying a comprehensive UI upgrade while continuing to expand our newly introduced features, such as Reactor Marketplace, more partnership assimilations, and upgrades to our AI system. Moreover, we will investigate the viability of a Reactor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

This comprehensive roadmap shows off some of the most exciting items to come in the near future! We understand that this is a lot to take in. A host of AMAs and Demos will take place to ensure everyone is up to speed!

Command Console

Q1 2023

We’re going to start next year off with a careful study across our various dApps to identify the most pressing changes needed for the products released during the course of the roadmap.

Q2 2023

Once we’ve completed our extensive research, the first product we will be overhauling is our Swaps. The precise manifestation of this will be announced in due course.

Q3 2023

With our new Swaps fully functioning, we’ll be switching focus to our Farms and NFT Marketplace. Both platforms require extensive updates to bring us back on par with competing services. Using the power of the ARC Reactor we’ll be able to make the iterations required to ship new flagship products efficiently.

Q4 2023

To expand our offerings past the existing crypto userbase, we’ll be releasing Fiat-On-Ramp 2.0 alongside a cross-chain token launch, $WARC.

Q1 2024

Finally, with our Command Console nearing completion, we will release our cross-chain bridge. Bridge 2.0 will be developed in tandem with the second iteration of our Dashboard — completing the entire relaunch of our all-in-one Crypto Command Console.

In Summary:

ARC has seen a wild 2022. No doubt about that.

In the depth of crypto winter, we have certainly found our invincible summer.

We’re deeply grateful to our community which has ardently supported us every step of the way. We’ve also seen some of our favourite influencers, like IncomeSharks, come back into the fold and tip the hat. The team is lean and driven, and dedicated advisors have helped us clear the path forward on every end of the business tirelessly.

We now enter a time where we are about to raise the capital we need to help us deliver on the promise of an exciting future.

We thank each and every one of you out there for the gift of your support, in the many shapes and sizes it has come in.

In gratitude,

The ARC team

What is ARC Reactor?

ARC Reactor is WEB3’s Collaborative Developer Studio.

Not just another tool, but a paradigm shift in the way individuals, teams & enterprises collaborate, code & deploy Web3 products.

Developers and teams use ARC Reactor visual graphic user interface to code & collaborate around WEB3 code, secured by $ARC token.

Please note that all roadmap milestones above are subject to change based on funding available, market conditions, product market fit, and unforeseen technological challenges. Should any changes occur, the team will make best efforts to update this roadmap and make it publically available in a timely fashion.




Welcome to ARC, the central command console for crypto. Build with the ARC Reactor at 100x speed and ease. Hello, Limitless.