ARC Defi Update: Swaps V1.2 Update, Lower Farm Fees, Airdrops.
ARC Defi Update: Swaps V1.2 Update, Lower Farm Fees, Airdrops.

ARC Defi Update: Swaps V1.2 Update, Lower Farm Fees, Airdrops.



As we plough through a rally in the bear market, internally at ARC we are reminded by our motto:

Delta is the new alpha.

Whether more efficient and cheaper swaps and gas fees, or farms to earn APY and cheaper fees passed on in the NFT marketplace… we help you put money back in your pocket and PnL.

In line with that commitment, we are dedicated to a new era at ARC.

With that has come an intrinsic reset in our approach across the board. We’ve had some stellar campaigns kicking off in Q2/ Q3 2022, including:

  • The launch of the ARC NFT Marketplace
  • StarCard Sports Games Palla Diamond Radar Balls NFTs selling out in minutes,
  • JUP Apes NFTs selling 140 of their apes thus far and 3x’ing their community size,
  • We’ve given away 300,000 JUP tokens, and several NFTs

And there is much, much more to come.

Keeping it classic: Swaps, Farms are back, baby.

Swaps are back, and we’re building them better than ever before.

In classic ARC fashion, our swaps are on average 30% cheaper on Gas fees due to more efficient routing and other innovations and 40% faster than Uniswap. What’s not to like about that?

On the back of that is the return of fully functioning farms as well. (and we have a surprise for you. Read on.)

On the path of progress, while we are doubling down on efforts to expand to more robust multi-chain swaps (and eventually cross-chain) we working to ensure that swaps remain stable. That means taking a step back sometimes in order to be able to spring forward.

On that note:

Swaps and farms at ARC will only, for the moment, support:

We are committed to expanding support to other browsers and wallets, at a steady and stable pace. While some of these do work now, we are not supporting them and rather focusing on getting one experience right at a time.

In line with that, this means that when using these aforementioned supported apps and browsers, farms are operational.

Farmers Don’t Fancy Fees

ARC has reduced deposit fees for single-sided farms to 0.1%.

…And neither do we.

So we’ve reduced deposit fees across the single-sided farms to 0.1%.

That means you can earn $ARC with some juicy APYs via staking your:

  • $ARC (currently 12.8% APY)
  • $USDC (currently 56% APY)
  • $USDT (currently 66% APY)
  • $WBTC (currently 35% APY)

(APYs will change based on how much is deposited by stakers/ farmers).

We will be reviewing these rates across the board in Q4 2022. Hint: Nothing lasts forever.

This announcement also prefaces our update regarding airdrops:

Revenue Sharing

Anyone staking their $ARC is included in revenue sharing

This is probably a good time to remind you that anyone staking their $ARC is included in revenue sharing. Especially as we scale out our new products, $ARC stakers have more reason than ever to be in the farms.

It’s Raining xDrops

In 2022 we airdropped a whopping 5 Million $SCSG tokens as part of our ongoing partnership with them.

We plan many more of these in the future. We call this feature ARC xDrops.

This is a strategy to offer more value to our $ARC true believers, and introduce both communities to one another.

We’re going to be running a new airdrop in the next weeks of $JUP (Jupiter Project) tokens courtesy of JUP Apes and Jupiter Project.

In tandem with this, we’re announcing the new rules for xDrop, Airdrops and revenue sharing:

Only users staking $ARC in the $ARC single-sided and $ARC-WETH farms will be included for airdrops, xDrop and revenue sharing. A minimum of 50k $ARC staked is required.

In line with this, to be eligible for airdrops and xDrop, users must be staked for at least 30 days before the airdrop is announced. There will be an exception with the $JUP airdrop. We will be taking a few snapshots starting on the 8th August 2022 to count all eligible wallets for the $JUP airdrop.

Furthermore, at the time of this writing, it will cost a mere USD $400 to buy 50,000 $ARC. It’s a great time to get in. The airdrops are awarded PRO-RATA: the more you have staked, the larger your share of the drop.

This decision was made after consulting our advisors and the community.

We believe it’s prudent to avoid situations where opportunists who hear about airdrops can capitalize on benefits that we prefer to reserve for the true supporters of ARC.

In Summary: TL.DR.

  • Swaps and Farms are back on Metamask Mobile, Metamask on Chrome browser, and Coinbase Wallet
  • New integrations will follow soon
  • Single Sided Farm deposit fees lowered to 0.1%
  • Airdrop and revenue-sharing rules updated to only include stakers who have staked for 30 days or more prior to the announcement of any airdrop
  • 50k $ARC staked in the farm required to be eligible for airdrops and xDrop
  • $JUP airdrop coming; we start taking snapshots of stakers in the $ARC and $ARC-WETH farms on Monday 8th August 2022 onwards to determine eligibility

Get swapping and farming now at ARC!

Thank you everyone for your amazing support.

We’ve only just begun.

The Arc Team

ARC reserves the right to change these terms due to learning and requests considered by community feedback.




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